Focus on Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a crucial element in insulation systems across the spectrum of industry, particularly in gas and oil facilities but also in many other applications including automotive, construction and HVAC applications. The material is used to dampen the sound of machinery, reducing noise down to an acceptable level that will not damage hearing. MLV is one of the key products we supply here at BS Stainless, in both its standard form and as part of our revolutionary barrier systems SoundMat and VibroMat.

Imagine throwing a tennis ball at a sheet that is hanging suspended from a line. When the ball makes contact, its kinetic energy is transferred directly to the sheet, which will react by moving freely in space. Had the other edge of the sheet been fastened to the ground, the ball would bounce off and cause the sheet to vibrate.

In this analogy, the tennis ball is representative of sound energy while the sheet can be thought of as an acoustic barrier. When that barrier is flexible, the sound energy is able to 'bleed off', which results in dramatically-increased net losses of sound propagation as the barrier moves. This is how MLV achieves such impressive dampening of sound.

Bitumen is often used to create acoustic barriers but this has many disadvantages, not least the fact that is not particularly kind to the environment. MLV from BS Stainless is made using naturally-occurring materials of extremely high density which, strictly according to the standards set out in ISO 15665, is loaded with barium sulphate. The material is highly flexible, giving it superlative sound-deadening qualities.

The high mass of PVC-based MLV delivers supreme efficiency when it is used for metal jacketing and acoustic pipe wrapping applications. It strongly resists acids and alkalis, as well as potentially damaging substances like grease and mineral oil. But its not just the insulation of oil and gas plants our materials are used in roofing,­cladding, ducting and for automotive vehicles. We supply MLV products in a wide range of different sizes and with many extra options including enhanced fire-resistance (to meet international standards), peel-off adhesive backing and glass reinforcement. As an alternative we can bond the vinyl to metal such as aluminium , stainless steel or even aluminized steel meaning a time saver and performance enhancer for many industrial applications.

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