Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl
mass loaded vinyl is a flexible noise barrier.

Due to high noise levels and to comply with health and safety regulations many oil and gas processing plants need sound dampening as part of the insulation system.

We supply mass loaded vinyl which is a flexible noise barrier manufactured from naturally occurring high density minerals.

The combination of the flexibility, mass and limpness prevent noise transmission. Our vinyl sound barriers are loaded with barium sulphate as specified in ISO 15665 and used within many design and engineering practices including Shell. It has been designed to have high mass to be most effective for acoustic pipe wraps and jacketing in the oil and gas industry. It has very good resistance to mineral oils, greases, weak acids and alkalies.

This product can be supplied in a wide range from 2kg/m2 (0.4 lb/foot ) up to 10kg/m2 (2 lb/ foot) it can also be supplied with increased fire resistance or with glass reinforcement. We can supply many enhanced versions of Mass loaded vinyl for low temperature applications like Arctic LNG at minus 50 deg C or for enhanced fire resistance for BS 476 along with American, Australian and many international specifications.

We can supplycmass loaded vinyl with an adhesive peel off backing for ease off application for areas such as elbows and valve boxes. Our latest development is mass loaded vinyl bonded to stainless steel, Aluminium or other metal jackets. This solution offers significant labour and time saving with an enhanced product from more details see Soundmet

We have experience of supply mass loaded vinyl to projects around the world either on there own or as a complete package with our ancillary products like stainless steel banding, wing seals and expansion springs.