Mass Loaded Vinyl: Key Qualities

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is used as part of an insulation system, particularly within oil and gas facilities, to dampen sound, reducing noise levels to an acceptable level. The material is one of our key products at BS Stainless, both in its ordinary form and as part of SoundMet, BS Stainless's revolutionary acoustic barrier system.

To understand how MLV achieves such impressive sound insulation, it is helpful to use the analogy of throwing a tennis ball at a sheet that is hanging from a line. When it makes contact, the energy of the ball is transferred to the sheet, which will move freely in three-dimensional space. If the sheet's other edge were secured to the ground, the ball would bounce off, causing the sheet to vibrate.

In our analogy, the tennis ball represents sound and the sheet represents an acoustic barrier. If such a barrier is flexible then sound energy can 'bleed off', resulting in increased net losses of sound propagation as the barrier moves in space.

The MLV supplied by BS Stainless to projects all over the world has many qualities and benefits...

  • Our MLV is manufactured from naturally-occurring high-density materials
  • The material is exceptionally flexible, imbuing it with excellent sound-deadening properties
  • In strict accordance with ISO 15665, MLV from BS Stainless is loaded with barium sulphate
  • MLV is used for many applications and by world-renowned organisations like Shell
  • Its high mass is designed to deliver optimum efficiency when used in metal jacketing and acoustic pipe wrap applications
  • MLV will resist weak alkalis and acids, along with such substances as grease and mineral oil
  • Our MLV products are available in a comprehensive selection of sizes and with optional extras such as glass reinforcement, peel-off adhesive backing and enhanced fire-resistance

Check out the website and give us a call to find out more about MLV, SoundMet and other acoustic solutions offered by BS Stainless – your partner for stainless steel.

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