Vibromat is a self adhesive anti vibration bitumen alternative.

VibroMat has been designed to be a safe, non-staining and effective direct replacement to bitumen vibration and acoustic damping materials.

This viscoelastic material is of a precisely know composition and is designed for vibration damping applications where mass (acoustic insulation) and cost are key considerations. The performance over temperature is superior to bitumen and being of the same density, like for like replacement will give predictable results for quick and hassle free solutions. The product is a thermoplastic.

VibroMat is unique in its ability to deliver both mass dampening and vibration dampening properties the result is a deadpan product.

VibroMat is an ideal replacement to Bitumen with equal performance its PVC base means its 100% recyclable without a need for a license to dispose of it unlike Bitumen.


SoundMat is designed to improve the sound insulation of pipework applied with a self adhesive backing