Our Customers

We have developed our product range to work with our customers very often enabling them to get their full usage of stainless products from one supplier. 

And recently moved in to other materials including Aluminium, Aluzinc, mass loaded vinyl and a range of laminates bonded to steel.

Our customer base is diverse and each market brings both different challenges and opportunities.

Our strength is our willingness to constantly evolve and develop with our customers. Having initially started supplying the UK market in the 1990's we have now developed a customer base around the world. We have supplied materials for a diverse range of products from some of the worlds leading automobiles to major LNG plants, Government services to worldwide recognized fast food chains. Some of the key projects we have worked on are Ichthys, Wheatstone and YAMAL LNG plants.

Due to our links with a wide range of suppliers we can very often offer unique or new products , so even if a product is not available on our web site we are more than happy to look at new opportunities. We can also offer an export service to most countries, and many of our products can be bought online in smaller quantities from BS Fixings and be delivered inter­nati­onally.

We visit many trade shows and exhibitions to keep up with latest customer demands. We have exhibited at  many of the previous Gastech shows and are planning more in the future.

Whatever the industry we can offer the solution.