Stainless Steel Profiled Wire

profile wire
Profiled or shaped wire can be supplied for many different applications and industries.

We can offer a range of profiled or shaped wires both standard rectangles and more complicated customer specific shapes.

We carry items of stock usually they are specific to customer needs and we are happy to stock for any customers exact requirement for immediate delivery. Depending on the required geometric shape we may have stock ready to go or process quickly, for more complicated shapes that require custom made dies then lead times may be longer.

The result of our shaped wires as they require minimum if any machining, supplied in coil form or cut into straight lengths. A wide range of grades can be supplied most commonly 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4404) but also Ferritic grades such as 430 (1.4016) or Copper containing grades such as 304 Cu. Whatever the profiled requirement for your stainless steel wire is, we will have a solution.

All material supplied within our ISO 9001 accreditation and fully certified we supply material for the UK and Internationally our materials are widely used in industries from construction to oil and gas.

Cold Heading Wire

Cold heading wire is processed to combine formability and ductility with enduring strength.

Forming wire

Stainless steel forming wire is suitable for thousands of applications due to its ductility, corrosion resistance and strength.

Galvanised Tying Wire

Galvanized tying wire is available from stock in various sizes.

Stainless Steel MIG Wire

Stainless Steel MIG welding wire is available from stock in various grades to buy now.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire

Stainless Steel Spring Wire is suitable for all types of spring making.

Stainless Steel TIG Wire

Stainless steel tying wire is available from stock in various grades.

Stainless Steel Tying Wire

This is ideal for lacing or tying, stainless steel tying wire can be used for a wide variety of applications

Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Wire

Ultra fine stainless steel wires from 30 microns