Bandfix Lightweight Aluminium Banding

Bandfix Lightweight Aluminium Banding


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We offer a lighter weight alternative to our heavy duty Aluminium banding, this is manufacture in 0.3mm thickness as a result its easier to carry and cut so ideal for working up ladders, scaffolding or in more difficult areas. Widely used in the insualtion industry for supporting insualtion materials fr HVAC applications its is supplied from stock  2 kg coils.

  • 13mm (1/2") approx. 180 metres per roll
  • 19mm (3/4") approx. 129 metres per roll

These are ideal for securing many materials especially insulation, light weight and non corrosive. The can be secured with Aluminium wing seals available from stock in bags / boxes of 100. Each roll is lightweight for ease of handling and can be unrolled and cut to the desired length, this reduces wastage when compared to fixed length banding. The banding can be tensioned and cut using our Bandfix® banding tool.

Aluminium banding can be used in HVAC over aluminium cladding, Rockwool, PIR, PUR and many other forms of insulation for temporary or permanent fixing.

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