Bandfix Aluminium Banding Seals

aluminium wing seal pic 1
Boxes of aluminium wing type seals

Aluminium wing seals in bags or boxes of 100 in 2 sizes to suit standard Aluminium banding sizes.

  • 13mm (1/2")
  • 19mm (3/4")

These are ideal for securing Aluminium banding used for many types of insulation, light weight and non corrosive. Once the banding is tensioned and cut using our Bandfix® banding tool the wing seals are easy to press or hammer down to secure the banding tightly.

Aluminium banding can be used in HVAC over aluminium cladding, Rockwool, PIR, PUR and many other forms of insulation for temporary or permanent fixing Aluminium wing seals are light and easy to use. Aluminium Banding is sometimes referred to as aluminium strapping.

We sell aluminium banding and as an alternative stainless steel banding. Both are available to buy from our online store.

Bandfix Aluminium Banding

Coils of Aluminium banding or strapping for HVAC and industrial insulation

Bandfix – Banding Tool

Tool for use with banding and buckles

Bandfix – Tensioner Banding Tool

Tool for use with banding and value clips or wing seals