Stainless Steel Closed Seals

Stainless Steel Closed Seals

Stainless Steel Closed Seals

Stainless Steel Closed Sealsseal comparison


Stainless Steel closed seals are produced to tightly hold the stainless steel banding in place after tensioning of the banding around the cladding or insulation materials. Closed seals are widely used for large OD pipe and tanks or vessels with a circumference greater then 2500mm (8 feet) instead of wing seals. They are also recommended for use with banding when fixings spring to allow for expansion of insulation materials. Used with both flat expansion springs (Chil) and compression springs (Mity) to secure the band or strapping once threaded through for a stronger hold. They are sometimes referred to as lap over seals due to the overlap.

The comparative strength of closed seals are stronger than wing seals this is the case compared to our standard wing seal and our stronger Ecoseal. The attached image shows the lower levels of Von Mises stress which means that the closed seal will be stronger.

Manufactured from stainless steel 304 or 316. The base material is produced to the following specifications:

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel ASTM A240 / ASTM A167 / EN10088-2

For further data on the Mechanical and physical properties of the stainless used see Product Data Sheet for stainless steel and also the safety data sheet.


Standard closed seals are pressed from stainless steel coil most commonly 0.6mm (.024") but this can vary dependent on the customer’s requirements. Most common widths are ½” (13mm) and ¾” (19mm).

Other sizes available ⅝” (16mm), 1” (25mm), 1½” (40mm) and 2” (50mm)

Once the banding is threaded through the seals and tightened with a tensioning tool, they are crimped by a tool or by hammering tight to grip the band.

Weights / packaging

Seals are packed in either boxes of 1000 or sacks of 5000 although these can be adapted for special requirements. Material will packed on wooden pallets approximately 1000mm x 1200mm and shrink wrapped. Heat treated pallets will be supplied where requested.

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