Anna Our Office Administrator

We really want our customers to feel at ease when ordering their stainless steel wire, stainless steel banding, stainless steel coil and other stainless steel products from us. BS Stainless wouldn’t be able to supply our customers with such products without some form of organisation and this is supplied by our office administrator.

Anna Ayre keeps us all in check and ensures that all the paper work is processed and complete as well as contacting our customers on a regular basis.

She is a 33 year old mother of one, a little girl! She lives with her partner in Darwen and has what she describes as a strange combination of parents! Her mother is actually Mexican and her father is from Newcastle-upon-Tyne! As a small child she had to travel around a lot as her father did with his occupation. For three years she actually lived in Kuwait however, she did move around to various other countries as well.

At just seventeen years old she applied for a job at another Stainless Steel company and since then she has stuck within this particular industry. Stainless Steel is what she knows and she really does enjoy coming to work at BS Stainless.

When she’s not in work you will find her spending time with her partner and daughter as well as having friends around for dinner parties which we have heard she is quite a good host! Come Dine With Me – Eat your heart out!

Anna loves to spend time catching up with her friends, going for a few drinks or having a meal in a restaurant but she still manages to find the time to head to the gym and most importantly she finds the time for clothes shopping!

In the future she hopes that one day it will be her initials on the side of a building, her name out there in the public eye! Until that day arrives she is just happy to continue giving our boss at BS Stainless a headache and keeping us all in check!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 681112 or email

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