Stainless Steel S clips

S clip
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To secure stainless steel around pipework and tanks S clips can be used.

When using metal jacketing around pipework or tanks and vessels often the specification calls for “S” clips to be used.

The S-clips support the metal jacketing especially on vertical piping to prevent slippage under gravity. They are manufactured from strips of stainless steel in varying sizes, thicknesses and grades to suit the application. In actual fact when manufactured they look more like a “Z” shape see fig 4.1 than “S” but are designed to be malleable enough to press flat once the cladding is secured tightly in place.

The S clips are normally placed at the circumferential overlaps and equally spaced around the pipe. The number of s clips required will vary dependent on the circumference of the pipework or size of tank. Typically, the number of clips is two for pipe sizes up to 150mm (6”) and four for pipework above this size, individual engineering design specifications can call for more to suit the specific environment or challenges demanded locally.

Most commonly these are manufactured in 304 stainless but also in 316, as can be seen of fig 4.2 the end of sheet is fed into the opening one at the top and one at the bottom. Once interlocked in place the metal jacketing in the form of sheets is normally secured using stainless steel banding and wing seals, if an element of expansion and contraction is required expansion or compression springs can also be used.

Another alternative is the "V" clip which is quite simply manufactured in the shape of a V and used in a similar way or a "J" clip again similar in style produced to different leg lengths often used for vertical pipework supporting metal jacketing or tank and vessel cladding before securing with banding. Data sheets are available for all these products.