Stainless Steel Will Last Centuries!

Did you know that some of the oldest stainless steel facade elements are now over 80 years old and still very much intact? They practically look the same as when they were first applied within the building industry.

One of the most famous buildings as an example is the New York Chrysler building which really does show off just how durable stainless steel really is and how it can be sustained. When properly specified by a stainless steel expert such as BS Stainless Ltd then stainless steel can be extremely durable and has limited technical limit.

Well known for its formability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel can be specifically moulded to the exact requirements of the architects, contractors and builders requirements.

Stainless steel will be supplied in a number of finishes. Usually the brighter finishes reflect the heat away from a building and thus are ideal for warm buildings as it reduces the need for cooling.

Matt finishes of stainless steel provide numerous options in the way of patterns however they are more for use within structured surfaces in order to prevent accidental damage and wear as they are rather tolerant.

Stainless steel can come with an electro­lyti­cally coloured surface and this makes it insensitive to UV light. The colour is dependent upon light interference and so it is quite normal for the colour not to fade over time as it involves no dyes.

We use it so heavily within the building and construction industry because of its sheer strength, ability to withstand corrosion and because it is aesthetically pleasing.

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