Aluzinc: Facts and Figures

It is well known that stainless steel is an incredibly strong yet workable metal, resistant to corrosion and extremes of temperature. These qualities mean that the versatile metal is extensively used in all areas of life, from industrial to domestic applications. Less well-known is Aluzinc which is carbon steel sheet coated with an alloy of zinc and aluminium, augmenting the base metal's qualities.

AluzincAluzinc: Facts and Figures is, in effect, cold-rolled steel, galvanised with an innovative coating formed from 55% aluminium, 43.3% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The composition of this coating makes the steel up to an astounding six times more resistant to corrosion than standard galvanised metals. Strong and durable, Aluzinc is suitable for use in highly-demanding environments such as roofs, flues and ventilation shafts.

The metal is often used in the insulation and ventilation industries. Providing a more effective solution at a lower cost, Aluzinc shows many distinct advantages over ordinary Aluminised steel or Aludip BQ. It is supplied with an thin yet incredibly effective fingerprint-free coating which has the dual benefit of reinforcing the temporary protection of the metal during its storage and transport, acting as a dry lubricant and improving its deep-drawing performance.

As a good substrate for organic coatings, Aluzinc will also allow a direct application of paint, without the need for time-consuming preliminary treatments. When all of these qualities are added to the fact that Aluzinc is easily formed and welded yet is guaranteed a long life, it is clear that the metal is the natural choice for a variety of insulation, guttering, fencing, roofing and metal jacketing requirements.

Aluzinc can be supplied in the form of a ZX profile often described as a Petrochem finish which increases rigidity. Our Aluzinc product ALZN can also be combined with DryMet this adds a PSMB Surlyn barrier to the underside to prevent corrosion attacks from the internal surface that comes into contact with insulation often with changing temperatures and moisture. As well as the standard ALZN-D (Aluzinc with DryMet) it is also available with the ZX profile. Our version is ALZN-ZXD combines the performance of Aluzinc, the strength and rigidity of the ZX profile and the internal protection of the Surlyn moisture barrier.

BS Stainless Ltd are leading worldwide suppliers of Aluzinc, which is sometimes referred to as Galvalume or Zalutite. In addition to the metal, which can be supplied as a coil or a flat sheet, we also supply all necessary accessories such as tying and welding wire, special alloys and nails.

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