Quick on the Draw: Stainless Steel Wire

BS Stainless is the UK's leading supplier of stainless steel wire. We offer all types of wire, one of which is known as 'drawn wire'; this material is used in many essential applications such as the manufacture of springs and mesh as well as a number of fasteners such as cables and ropes.

As with our entire range of products, drawn wire from BS Stainless is available in a variety of grades; the choice of grade will be determined by the requirements of the application. Different grades have different qualities e.g reduced conductivity, improved resistance to xcorrosion and enhanced ductility.

To create drawn wire, a metal rod is drawn through a die, reducing the cross-section of the material. This process does not create any waste product; the fact that there is no scrap or shavings ensures that the volume of the material remains at a constant level. As the diameter is reduced, the length of the wire increases and is taken up on the drawing block.

Drawing wire in this way alters the physical structure of the material. Generally speaking, soft annealed material is made up of apparently circular crystalline shapes but, after drawing, these crystals become stretched and reduced in shape. When being manufactured, the material often goes through many dies, necessitating an annealing process to 'reset' the crystalline structure and prevent breakage.

BS Stainless use state-of-the-art techniques, tools and machinery to ensure that our drawn wire is of the utmost quality. Discover more on our website and subscribe to our newsletter for another related axrticle coming very soon...

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