AluZinc Alloy Coated Steel ALZN

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Sheet or coil coated with Aluminium and zinc alloy (Aluzinc) ALZN

We offer steel sheet that has an alloy coating of Aluminium and zinc often used in the insulation and ventilation industry commonly referred to by the trademark Aluzinc.

It is a good substrate for organic coating it is generally used in the manufacture of wide sections for wall cladding and insulation cladding. Supplied with a very thin organic finger print free coating for even better performance. In addition to preventing fingerprinting it also reinforces the temporary protection of the material during transport and storage. It acts as a dry lubricant and improves its forming and deep drawing performance.

In addition, it also permits the direct application of paint, without preliminary surface treatment. The many advantages of this product are highly valued in applications such as roofing sections and cladding. Material has a continuous hot dip double-sided coating. Can also be supplied with a moisture barrier for use as metal jacketing for power stations or alternatively with an acoustic barrier with significant labour saving and enhanced engineering properties (Soundmet).

Composition aluminium (55%) Zinc (43.4%) Silicon (1.6%)

Sizes – Thickness 0.25mm – 2.00mm width 1000mm , 1219mm , 1250mm

Material with 185 g/m2 coating AZ185 Skin Passed Anti fingerprint lacquered coating DX51 Substrate

Can be supplied as coil or flat sheet.

Another alternative for increased rigidity is to use a Petrochem profile. The profile allows for thinner material to be used in some instances without losing rigidity. Standard thicknesses are 0.4mm to 0.8mm. Our Aluzinc product ALZN can also be combined with DryMet this adds a PSMB Surlyn barrier to the underside to prevent corrosion attacks from the internal surface that comes into contact with insulation often with changing temperatures and moisture. As well as the standard ALZN-D (Aluzinc with DryMet) it is also available with a ZX profile also called petrochem finish. Our version is ALZN-ZXD combines the performance of Aluzinc, the strength and rigidity of the ZX profile and the internal protection of the Surlyn moisture barrier.

This type of product is also referred to as AluzincTM GalvalumeTM or ZalutiteTM

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