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Aluminium coil
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We stock a wide range of Aluminium coils for further processing or immediate delivery.

In order to support our coil processing lines we keep a large stock range of Aluminium coils. Predomi­nantly the grade is 3003 H14 but we also keep 1050 material.

The coils are suited to our production line so 1000mm or 3 foot (914 mm) wide. The thickness ranges from 0.4mm up to 1.2mm with typical weights from 1 to 2 tonnes.

Due to our large demand for processing we have  excellent supply routes for our coils this means that if we don't have immediate availability or enough stock we can source in around 4 weeks. As well as plain or smooth finish Aluminium we also keep stucco embossed coils. All our coils can either be reduced in weight to suit the clients processing capabi­lities, cut into sheet or precision slit into narrow coils. We can even convert them into corrugated sheets.

Many of our coils are laminated to order with Surlyn moisture barrier for use as metal jacketing, Tedlar (PVF) outer coating, coil painted (PVDF) or bonded with a mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier for ease of application when sound reduction is required.

We also keep a range of other products to fix or aluminium coils including banding, wing seals, rivets and toggle latches. If you have a requirement for Aluminium coil or cut to length non standard sheet sizes as blanks then speak to our sales team.

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