Aluminium Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated stainless steel
Profiled or corrugated sheets in Aluminium

We can supply aluminium corrugated/­profiled sheet the typical specification is as below:

Spec Depth: 18mm from lowest to highest point, corrugation width: 76mm (3 inches) between each corrugation.

Typical thickness range 0.4mm – 1.20mm

We can also supply in box/trapezoidal profiles. Corrugated aluminium has a wide range of uses much of our material is used for cladding of tanks and vessels, but can also be used as commercial cladding for buildings.

By profiling the Aluminium this adds strength and rigidity and is also good for wind deflection. The material supplied can be plain, stucco or with a coloured surface subject to minimum quantities. Common alloys are 1050 and 3003, these can also be supplied with a factory applied moisture barrier that combines Surlyn ® and polythene, this is common when using these materials as metal jacketing for the insulation industry mainly oil, gas and power stations.

As an alternative we can supply an acoustic product that incorporates mass loaded vinyl ready bonded to the underside of the corrugated aluminium.

When fire resistance is important we can supply corrugated stainless steel. Safety data sheets and technical data sheets can be supplied on request.