Metal Jacketing

The best system for Industrial Insulation jacketing, cladding or lagging of pipes is Metal Jacketing. The system is designed with the intention of using insulation materials as the primary barrier to the flow of energy with metal jacketing as the outer cover, secured with stainless steel banding and seals.The jacket is used for a variety of reasons including keeping materials dry and damage free, enhancing the appearance and in some instances fire protection. A key factor for metal jacketing is also the prevention of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

pipe insulation jacket, stainless steel jacketing

Our metal jacketing can be supplied in a range of materials including Stainless Steel, Aluzinc, Aluminium, and Aluminized steel, its ideal as a pipe insulation jacket. We supply metal jacketing that further enhances the traditional system by reflecting heat away CoolMet® a PVDF coating will reduce the temperature gradient from outside to inside. SoundMet® a product that combines the strength and durability of steel, with the sound barrier of Mass loaded vinyl into one labour efficient acoustic barrier by creating a laminate product.

As an alternative to a paint system, we can also offer the ultimate outer barrier in Tedlar® (PVF) coated metals from our TedMet brand. All our metal jacketing can be coated on the underside with DryMet® our three layer co-extrusion of polyethylene and Surlyn® to create a moisture barrier. If no coating or barriers are required we can supply stainless steel metal jacketing in coil or sheet form. All our metal jacketing is produced in line with international standards such as ASTM A167 / ASTM A240 or EN 10088-2 manufactured in the UK using our innovative technology for laminates. We supply our metal jacketing within the scope of our ISO 9001 accreditation.

To see our in house factory application of mositure barrier in action watch the video here

Photography of SoundMet®


Acoustic Metal jacketing solution, efficient and contributes towards preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI)
Photography of CoolMet®


Painted metal jacketing (PVDF) that reflects heat away and enhances the performance.
Photography of Tedmet


Tedmet is a revolu­ti­onary Tedlar coated metal jacketing system
Photography of DryMet


Metal jacketing moisture barrier incor­porating Surlyn
Photography of ColorMet – Painted Stainless Steel (PVDF)

ColorMet – Painted Stainless Steel (PVDF)

Painted stainless steel (ColorMet) is available from BS Stainless manufactured in the UK
Photography of VibroMet


VibroMet acoustic insulation jacketing is an innovate metal jacket that prevents vibration
Photography of Tedmet Color

Tedmet Color

Tedmet Color is a revolu­ti­onary Tedlar coated metal cladding system
Photography of North America Jacketing

North America Jacketing

We manufacture a wide range of metal jacketing products tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the North American insulation industry
Photography of Aluminium Coil

Aluminium Coil

We stock a wide range of Aluminium coils for further processing or immediate delivery.
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