A Comprehensive Collection of Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire, with its many thousands of different applications, is one of our specialities here at BS Stainless. Like every product we supply, the numerous different types of wire that comprise our comprehensive collection are all guaranteed to be of absolute premium quality and made available to our discerning customers at the most competitive price point.
In this edition of the BS Stainless blog, we will be showcasing some of the different types of stainless steel wire we supply. 

Cold Heading Wire
Cold heading wire is processed in a unique way which takes full advantage of some of stainless steel's primary qualities, namely its strength, ductility and formability. The component can be used successfully for a variety of applications, especially in the manufacture of fixings and fasteners like screws, bolts, tie rods, rivets, pins and studs. Imbued with exceptional resistance to corrosion and a low level of magnetism, our cold heading wire offers increased machinability and a long-lasting die life. 

Cold heading wire is supplied with a soap coating as standard which, among other things, enables the consistent high-speed running of forming machines; other coatings, including copper and metallic, are available on request. The wire can be supplied in several grades from the 300 and 400 series. One of the most popular grades is 320HQ which incorporates 3% copper which reduces its cold work hardening rate. 

Ultra Fine Wire
Especially useful in the production of small springs, wire rope, filters and textiles, our ultra-fine stainless steel wire is produced to the tightest tolerances when it comes to ovality and diameter. The wire can be supplied hard drawn or soft annealed in diameters as low as 0.03mm in a comprehensive selection of different tensile strengths. 

Tying Wire
Extremely strong yet superlatively malleable, stainless steel tying wire can be easily tied, twisted and bent by hand. This type of wire is one of the most versatile, with typical applications including general garden work, hangers, cables, fencing, insulation and re-bar. Standard tying wire from BS Stainless is of grade 304, which is ideal for most applications. In areas where the risk of corrosion is higher, such as in the marine environment, we can supply our stainless steel tying wire in grade 316. 

You are invited to browse the BS Stainless website to discover our complete collection of premium-quality stainless steel wires.

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