A Comprehensive Collection of Stainless Steel Wire

As leading stainless steel suppliers, BS Stainless can provide an extensive selection of different types, grades and strengths of stainless steel wire to suit every imaginable application. With the largest stocks of stainless steel wire available in the UK, we are able to deliver product quickly and reliable to our diverse scope of customers around the world. This reliability allows our customers to keep their inventory levels to a minimum, offering exceptional savings in terms of time, space and costs. 

Our range of stainless steel wire includes:

Stainless Steel Tying Wire
Though extremely strong and resistant to corrosion, our popular grade 304 stainless tying wire is soft and malleable, enabling it to be tied, twisted and bent as required. The versatility of this product means that it can be used for countless applications including for garden work, hangers, cables, fencing, insulation and re-bar. Lacing wire is available in a range of different coil weights and lengths and other grades are available on request. 

Stainless Steel Welding Wire
We supply both stainless steel MIG wire and TIG wire. These wires are produced under our ISO 9001 certification to the most exacting standards, meeting the criteria to achieve compliance with AWS A5.9 and EN 14343. TIG rods are supplied in plastic tubes containing 5kg of 1,000mm rods while stainless steel MIG welding wire, which boasts increased silicon content to improve welding consistency, are supplied on spools holding 15kg of precision layer-wound wire. A full range of sizes is available to purchase. 

Stainless Steel Forming Wire
Another extremely versatile product, stainless steel forming wire is suitable for an infinite array of wireforming applications, offering unmatched strength, ductility and resistance to corrosion. BS Stainless holds an extensive stock of forming wires in different grades which can be supplied in a dull, bright or EPQ condition. Where coatings are necessary, we can provide several options including metallic, soap and grease/oil. If the wire will be subject to rigorous processing methods like shaping or profiling, we are able to supply forming wire with appropriate surface and mechanical finishes. 

These are just some of the many types of stainless steel wire available to purchase at the most competitive price from BS Stainless. Other types include stainless steel spring wire, profiled wire, cold heading wire and more. Please browse our website to discover the complete collection.

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