What are the options for moisture barriers on metal jacketing

Since the importance of moisture barrier protection on the underside of metal jacketing was acknowledged, coatings themselves have improved significantly. In the early days, a simple painting of the reverse side of the jacketing seemed the solution. However, the big issue with this was pinholes and the ease at which it was scratched. Pinholes are one of the key areas were corrosion can start.

The next evolution was to use Kraft paper with a polythene cover. This minimised the number of pinholes but brought its own issue like poor water resistance, risk of paper damage.  The best solution was to combine Surlyn manufactured by DuPont with Polythene, the Surlyn not only offer good water resistance but also good scuff and abrasion resistance and impact toughness.  The amount of pinholes over an area of around 4 m2 is virtually zero so this solves all the previous issues and delivers a perfect solution.

Working closely with DuPont, BS Stainless supply the solution in the form of DryMet®, by keeping away moisture from the internal face of the metal to allow a corrosion free surface. Drymet® can be combined with exterior coatings such as Tedlar PVF in the form of TedMet® or PVDF paint CoolMet® to give the perfect solution for LNG plants and maintenance. All products are carefully manufactured at their UK plant but delivering these solutions to customers worldwide.

One of the latest innovations is to add an acoustic barrier to metal jacketing, not only does this improve the performance of items installed separately , save huge amounts of install time by applying the mass loaded vinyl as a laminate this also act as a moisture barrier. This removes the need for a Surlyn® barrier on the metal this saving extra costs.

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