Under the Sea

As the world’s conventional reserves of oil decrease, oil and gas companies are focusing more and more on sub-sea exploration. The technical issues involved with this exploration are great in number and each must be overcome before less conventional liquid sources can be exploited. A critical part of oil and gas exploration is the choice of materials which, as they will be required to function correctly under extreme conditions, must be strong, safe and immensely durable.

Stainless steel is often seen as the natural choice for a wide range of applications within the oil and gas industry. Its resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for use in wet environments or with strong chemicals and it also performs well at extremes of temperature, both hot and cold. Being both protective and aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel sheet is used to great effect for cladding buildings and structures. Once installed, the steel can be given a range of colours and finishes with the added bonus that the strong material will require a very small amount of maintenance in future years.

Wire fabricated from stainless steel also finds many uses within the oil and gas industries. Its tensile strength and durability teamed with its ease-of-use and great flexibility means that it is suitable for a range of varied tasks. The stainless steel wire can be cut to exacting lengths and given different tensile strengths depending on the intended purpose.

Stainless steel strip coil is another way in which this versatile metal can be utilised. Available in an infinite array of lengths, widths, grades and finishes which can be combined to suit any purpose, the coil is used in industries where consistent quality and precise tolerances are required. As the oil and gas industry is an incredibly complex and delicate one, strip coil manufactured from stainless steel is the most popular choice.

BS Stainless are an independent supplier of these and many other stainless steel products to oil and gas industries worldwide. Our vast range of stainless steel products are also used in industries as varied as automotive, surgical, culinary and construction, providing comprehensive solutions for a range of tasks both simple and complicated. Exporting our superior steel to over thirty countries has given us a wealth of expert knowledge and our team, based at our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire, are always available to offer customised advice and support. Oil and gas are much-needed forms of power and BS Stainless are proud to supply our products to these crucial projects.

For more Information please contact us on 0044 (0)1254 681112 or email info@bsstainless.co.uk.

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