Try our Stainless Steel Coil Calculator

Correctly identifying the various dimensions of stainless steel coil before starting a project involves complex calculations, resulting in a time-consuming process. To make life easier for our customers, BS Stainless have created the Coil Calculator, which takes all of the effort out of this process and is available to use on our website free of charge.

Try our Stainless Steel Coil Calculator

Our coil calculator is designed to be user-friendly and can be used in several ways to provide different required results. Users are able to calculate the length, weight, weight per mm and/or outside diameter of any given amount of stainless steel strip or coil, simply by entering the parameters that are already known.

One of the many advantages of using our coil calculator is that it allows customers involved in working with stainless steel processes to check if a given length or weight of coil is a suitable fit for a particular piece of machinery: this then allows them to select a different standard size or even arrange for us to carry out a bespoke service. If a user has a fixed amount of linear metre requirements (for instance when fixing cladding or jacketing around the circumference of a pipe or tank), they can use the coil calculator to determine how many metres will be supplied when buying by weight.

For ease of reference, the web page where the coil calculator is located also has a detailed diagram of a standard stainless steel coil, with the dimensions labelled: this makes gathering the required values a matter of simplicity. After inputting the dimensions, simply click 'Calculate' to receive your results. To calculate a new set of values, just hit the 'Reset' button.

Check out our coil calculator online. If you need further advice, do not hesitate to contact our skilled technical team.

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