DryMet: Moisture Barrier for Metal Jacketing

Pipes, tanks, ducts, vessels and other equipment that must perform effectively in extreme temperatures must be well insulated, helping to  prevent condensation and corrosion, conserve energy and improve safety. In many insulation applications, particularly those in the oil and gas industries, a protective metal jacket is used, resisting damage to the sensitive insulation below.

Also referred to as metal cladding, these jackets can be made from a number of different types of metal. No matter which type is used, it can be vulnerable to interior corrosion, which is caused by moisture ingress into the system. This corrosion can cause serious damage which makes it unsafe, leading to costly repair and replacement. To prevent this, a moisture barrier is recommended: BS Stainless, in association with Sheffield Hallam University and DuPont™, created a moisture barrier of impeccable quality which is called DryMet and is specfied in all mechanical thermal insulation applications.

DryMet comprises a heat-laminated, co-extruded polyfilm (not to be confused with PVC polyfilms which are used for temporary protection and then peeled off) which is factory-applied to the underside of metal jacketing or cladding. This prevents contact between metals and inhibits galvanic corrosion. The resulting moisture barrier combines DuPont™ Surlyn® with PE (Poly Ethylene), delivering optimal performance.

DryMet has many qualities that make it the most efficient method of preventing interior surface corrosion. These include:

  • Repeatedly proven excellent performance
  • Zero pinholes, ensuring the the ingress of water is pevented
  • Extremely low rates of water absorption and vapour transmission
  • Robustness, strength and durability
  • Strong adhesion to metal substrates
  • Excellent versatility, allowing it to be used with equal effectiveness on different types of metal
  • Class A Compliance with ASTM C1767 (Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Jacketing for Insulation) or ASTM C1729 (Standard Specification for Aluminium Jacketing for Insulation)
  • DryMet banding can also be supplied by BS Stainless

DryMet is firmly secured into place with the use of banding and wing seals, which can also be supplied by BS Stainless. Where an acoustic barrier is also required, we can also include SoundMet. Another product from the MET family is CoolMet, which is used where additional external protection from heat is required. This range of available alternatives makes BS Stainless unique in our ability to offer the entire spectrum of manufactured metal jacketing to meet all insulation specifications regardless of PVDF, PVF, acoustic or PSMB. Materials supplied include stainless steel plain , stucco embossed or corrugated, aluminium plain stucco embossed or corrugated along with other metals such as Aluminized T2 and Aluzinc.

Find out more about DryMet and the full MET family of products on our website.

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