The New Production Line: An Update

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The installation of our brand-new, state-of-the-art production line was a huge step forward for BS Stainless though, now it is fully in place and working to capacity, it is a little difficult to ever remember a time when we didn’t have it! We are fulfilling all sorts of bespoke orders from a wide spectrum of industry, turning out unique materials that are perfectly tailored to the application they are intended for, whether it is insulating a small factory or constructing a giant oil rig.

We thought it was time for a little bit of an update on our new production line, as much to keep you in the loop as to remind ourselves why we should not take this wonderful machine for granted! As we are always working hard at BS Stainless, we didn't realise just HOW hard we have been working and the production line is busy all the time.

We completed our highly-successful partnership with Sheffield Hallam university towards the end of 2015; the new production line was the culmination of the twinning and allowed us to easily replicate the brand new, innovative range of materials that we spent so much time and effort working on together. These materials, together forming the ‘MET’ range, have already caused lots of waves across the industry, offering an easier, more cost-effective alternative to traditional systems.

Demand was already high before the material was even officially launched and, now that the range is so well-known and we have the production line, capable of producing bespoke materials with the greatest of accuracy (with the parameters saved so that we can maintain that accuracy even if there is a gap of many months between orders), demand has gone through the roof and we are constantly supplying a full complement of solutions.

Aluminium is in particularly high demand, with both the plain and stucco embossed coils being constantly requested. Lots of stainless steel too, of course, given the unique DryMet treatment. CoolMet, a much-improved painted PVDF solution, is also high on the list as LNG work all over the world intensifies. The architectural cladding market has been much stimulated by our introduction of TedMet (PVF/Tedlar) and this material is now being used for tunnels and windmills as it offers a much higher resistance to abrasion as compared to paint. We can also offer coil painted solutions for architectural cladding in PVDF in a wide range of colours ColorMet.

How can our production line facilitate YOUR project? Let us know today!

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