The Latest Innovation from BS Stainless

The MET family of products created by BS Stainless is set to grow with the addition of ShieldMet. This innovative product delivers increased thermal efficiency which is ideal for heat shield applications such as ovens and exhaust systems.

ShieldMet involves the innovative application of nanometric aluminium coatings on stainless steel, resulting in a product that combines the strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel with the heat reflectivity of aluminium. The coating is applied under vacuum on coils in dedicated PVD machinery before being protected with a silica alloy roll coat layer to sustain UV radiation.

This brings many advantages to heat shield applications and these include;

  • A silicate-based organic coating which protects the aluminium, ensuring durability and no loss of functionality

  • Aesthetic preservation of stainless steel even under high temperatures - there is no colour drifting

  • High infrared reflectivity to improve efficiency

  • Strong resistance to the thermal cycles experience in heat shield applications

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion

  • Ease of formability

  • Versatility of application; wherever high reflectivity and substantial mechanical properties are required, ShieldMet can deliver excellence. This includes automotive heat shields, exhaust systems, heating device reflectors, oven heat shields and bulb shields

  • Resistant to strong detergents required for maintenance

  • Suitable for food contact, meeting the CE 1935/2004 standard

  • Coating can be applied to other steels such as DX53, also known as Aluminized (Aluminium and silicon) coating or AlusiĀ®;  currently  these are being used as a innovative coating solution on DX53 to a large oven manufacturer.

The product and processes involved with manufacture have been fully tested to ensure that they are fit for purpose and have shown a massive increase in energetic efficiency. With pure Aluminised coating, the efficiency level is an impressive 86% but with the ShieldMet coating this jumps to a near-perfect 94%.  This means that the flux passing through the shield is reduced by more than 50% (pure AlusiĀ® is 14% while Aluminized with a ShieldMet coating is 6%). ShieldMet can be applied to stainless steel with many differant substrates and also to coated steel products for domestic and commercial appliances.

ShieldMet is the latest innovation from BS Stainless and we are extremely interested to hear any questions and comments you may have. We are a customer-focused company and your input is greatly appreciated as we launch this new product. Find out more on our website and get in touch with us today.

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