The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition

As stainless steel is such a versatile and ubiquitous metal, it has found it’s way into countless products and machines. This means that a massive, diverse and ever-growing workforce is directly or indirectly reliant on stainless steel for employment. As a result, the calendar is always packed with events, conferences, seminars and more, whatever month we happen to be in.


Causing a big buzz at the moment is The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition, which takes place every year and is known as the foremost biennial gathering of the aforementioned workforce, which stretched around the globe. It consistently attracts the highest concentration of experts and stakeholders from right across the engineering spectrum, uniting them in a common goal of improving stainless steel and its uses however they can.

The event takes place in Maastricht and, as this year will mark the 10th Jubilee of The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition, anticipation for the event is higher than ever

The conference is designed to help people update their knowledge base, providing the ideal setting for the transfer of ideas and information. Debates, fora and presentations will provide traditional ways to learn and contribute; these will be enhanced with interactive workshops and networking opportunities.

Alongside the conference will run the exhibition part of the event, which will welcome more than 6,000 visitors to the 380+ stands, each of which represents a different company and offers unique access to the expert knowledge of its staff. BS Stainless representatives will be in attendance if you would like to meet up please contact

The event will culminate in a huge evening meal celebration, where everyone will be able to relax and have a good time. Will the cutlery be made of stainless steel? You bet!

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