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ShieldMet - innovative use of nanometric coatings of aluminium on stainless steel the result is high infrared reflectivity on stainless steel for increased thermal efficiency ideal for heat shield applications.

ShieldMet is the perfect solution to combine the strength and corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel with the heat reflectivity of Aluminum. The Aluminium is  protected by a silicate based organic coating.


Preserves aesthetical aspect of stainless steel under high temperature (up to 600°C)

High IR reflectivity up to 500°C

High resistance to thermal cycles 

Properties for  plasma vacuum coated Stainless Steel sheet

-High IR reflectivity

-High reflectivity in the visible range

-Good corrosion resistance

-Good formability

Applications - ShieldMet is used wherever the need for high reflectivity, combined with good mechanical properties and durability, is needed. Some application examples : - automotive heat shields, exhausts, heating device reflectors, oven heat shields, bulbshields.

The material retains excellent formability,  resistant to detergents. For food contact it meets the standards off CE 1935/2004. In addition the coating can be applied to other substrates not just stainless steel, more details on request.

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