Stainless Steel Wire: Versatile, Freestyle, Profile!

Stainless steel wire, a product with thousands of applications right across the scope of industry, is traditi­onally round in shape. This shape (also known as the wire's profile) is suitable for many standard uses but, in many cases, using wire of a different shape can dramatically improve performance and reduce material requ­ire­ments.

Wire with a shape other than the traditional round is referred to as 'shaped' or 'profiled' wire. By drawing high-quality stainless steel rods through a series of dies, wire can be produced in a near-infinite variety of shapes, such as wedge, u- and t-shaped, star, half-round, rectangular and hexagonal. Custom dies can be easily manufactured to produce irregular, non-standard and client-specified profiled wire.

Examples in which profiled wire delivers improved performance, a reduction in material requirements or both are myriad, and include:

  • Extra-Wide Wire: in construction appli­cations, using mesh made from round wire increases overall material requirements and thus the incurred cost. Using a shaped wire that is wider than it is high offers a successful solution
  • Star-Shaped Wire: often used in the manufacture of stainless steel fixings to improve grip and strength
  • Wedge-Shaped Wire: this common profile has a multitude of uses, from flooring to meshes and filters

BS Stainless offer a compre­hen­sive profiled wire service, carrying a large stock of common profiles for immediate delivery and providing custom-profiled wires on demand. Though usually supplied in coil form, our shaped wire can also be cut to bespoke lengths using our brand new, state of the art cut-to-length machinery.

Find out more about profiled wire on our website and, to discuss bespoke requ­ire­ments, get in touch with a member of our expert technical team.

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