Profiled Wire: Shaping the Future of Industry

BS Stainless is the largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire in the UK, serving both domestic and international clients from across the spectrum of industry. Our state-of-the-art machinery and processes allow us to produce profiled wire in an infinite variety of shapes, perfectly tailored to suit absolutely any application.

Creating profiled wire, also often referred to simply as shaped wire, begins with a stainless steel rod of impeccable quality: this ensures the finished product will be nothing less than perfect. The rod, which comes in the form of a rounded material on a coil, is forced through a die, creating the required shape: there are many standard shapes available or unique, bespoke designs can be created using custom-designed dies. After this process, the material is straightened before being supplied in coils or exact, cut-to-order lengths.

BS Stainless hold a wide selection of profiled wire with in stock, allowing us to quickly deliver to our clients. We can quickly process shaped wire to bespoke requirements, though complicated shapes that require a die to be custom-made may have slightly longer lead times before they can be dispatched. All profiled wire is manufactured to precise tolerances: our smallest wedge-shaped wire has a world-class, industry-leading tolerance of just 0.001mm.

Whatever the shape is, our profiled wire can be supplied in a number of metal grades: 304 and 316 are the most commonly-requested but we can also supply other grades such as ferritic (430) and copper-containing (such as 304 Cu). Our superlative level of knowledge and experience ensure that, whatever the profiled requirement for your stainless steel wire is, we guarantee to deliver a solution. All profiled wire is supplied within the scope of our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Discover more about profiled wire from BS Stainless on our website and get in touch with our technical team for more detailed information.

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