The Future of Power: Stainless Steel and YAMAL

YAMAL is 'the most modern LNG plant on Earth'. BS Stainless are proud to number among the exclusive suppliers of materials to the project and our involvement has led to increased demand for our products across Russia, Kazakhstan and the Caspian region.

Drymetposter1-02aColorMet - Painted Steel Coil PVDF

YAMAL is located in Sabetta, to the north-east of the Yamal Peninsula in Russia. The area is extremely close to the Arctic Circle, where temperatures and other weather conditions are obviously extreme. The project was developed by Gazprom and assisted by Technip, the JGC Corporation, Daewoo and Chiyoda.

Work on YAMAL began in September of 2013 with the construction and development of port facilities. Once these were in place, work began on the gigantic structure itself. This entailed the use of many stainless steel products, including plate, strip and coil along with an array of stainless steel fixings and fastenings such as banding, toggles, rivets, screws, wing seals and stainless steel wire. YAMAL became operational soon after and is expected to be operating at full capacity by 2021, producing 16.5m tonnes of LNG each year.

Working in the extreme environment of the Arctic Circle demands the use of the most robust materials across the board, particularly with regard to cladding, insulation, metal jacketing and acoustic/­moisture barriers. Preventing internal corrosion is absolutely essential as failure of the system would warrant costly and time-consuming repairs. A combination of BS Stainless DryMet, grey CoolMet and red ColorMet was used on the project and more will be required as expansion continues. We now have the DryMet data sheet available for download in Russian on this page.

We look forward to continuing our work with YAMAL, as well as with other projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Caspian region. Find out more about DryMet, CoolMet and ColorMet on the product pages.

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