Bandfix® – Stainless Steel Clips 304

Bandfix® – Stainless Steel Clips 304

Value band and clip

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Bandfix®  clips are used to secure Bandfix® SafeEdge band, these are simple to use yet very secure solution. These come packed in bags of 100 and a range of size that offers great value.

Bandfix®  clips can also be referred to as wing seals due to their appearance, the banding can be tensioned using a banding tool the wings are then hammered down to hold the banding tightly in place.

Bandfix® Seals
Product Material Width Thickness Average Breaking Strength (Lbs.) Package Quantity Weight Approx.
In. (mm) In. (mm) Lbs. Kg
1/2" SS 304 1/2 12.7 0.028 0.70   100 per bag 1.1 0.5
3/4" SS 304 3/4 19 0.028 0.70   100 per bag 1.5 0.7
Notes  Also available in larger boxes of 1000 or 5000 call for bulk pricing

These can be used with our Bandfix Banding and secured with our Tensioning tool or Banding tool, if you need better corrosion resistance we can produce these in 316 or for an alternative product for securing signs have a look at our Bandfix sign Banding and buckles.

We are a UK manufacturer that you can buy from directly, saving you money and ensuring a high quality product with fast efficient service. All of our Bandfix® banding products are available from our online shop. Our prices are kept at a continually competitive level to maximise cost-effectiveness for our customers.

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Photography of Bandfix® – Stainless Steel SafeEdge Banding

Bandfix® – Stainless Steel SafeEdge Banding

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