Oil - A Precious Resource

Oil is a precious resource. Production in recent years has skyrocketed as demand for the commodity rises daily all over the world. Many people are employed in oil production and related industries; in some countries the entire economy rests on the complex process. A list of the current top 50 oil-producing countries is regularly published. Production is measured in barrels per day (bbl/day) and currently, Russia heads the table. With approximately ten million bbl/day produced, the country stands clearly ahead of Saudi Arabia, the next country on the list.

BS Stainless currently supply many of our products to oil industries in Saudi Arabia. With a large and well-established network of contractors, we are involved in a huge number of various projects related to oil and gas production. We are always keen to extend our networks and with it being such a large producer of this vital resource, Russia is a natural place to turn to.

Stainless steel has a wide variety of applications within the oil industry. Stainless steel jacketing or cladding along with banding straps, screws, rivets and expansion springs all are required in large amounts, as are steel tying wire, and sheeting. A particularly common use for cladding or metal jacketing; covering the outside of insulation that has been wrapped around pipes or vessels with stainless steel sheet to protect the thermal insulation below. Being strongly resistant to corrosion and requiring little maintenance, stainless steel cladding is an ideal way to protect the insulation from moisture and gives a striking and stylish appearance.

Russian oil production is impressive. With many companies involved, opportunities for the mutually beneficial expansion of BS Stainless are exciting. We are seeking to supply our professional, quality products to the insulation contractors within the booming oil production industry in Russia and feel confident of success. The demand for oil shows no signs of shrinking; as technology advances and older systems become worn out, the need for replacements becomes ever larger. Creating employment whilst helping to fuel the world’s energy needs, BS Stainless look to our future in Russia with great anticipation.

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