Planning ahead – Seoul 2014

As reported last week, representatives of BS Stainless plan to exhibit at the Gastech conference in London this year. The conference brings together a great number of industry professionals to discuss, debate and give presentations on gas and related topics over a four day period. As the gas industry are large users of stainless steel, it is an ideal opportunity for BS Stainless to meet with present and future customers to promote our products and gain a deeper insight into their requirements.

Although this conference doesn’t take place until October, plans are already well underway for the next one in 2014. It was recently announced that Seoul in South Korea will be the location of what is to be the 41st Gastech conference. Since its launch in 1972 in London, the conference has moved around the world on an 18-month cycle, visiting many diverse countries including Qatar, Germany, Malaysia and Thailand.

South Korea is one of the world’s largest consumers of LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas. A key global producer of a large percentage of the world’s oil and gas tankers, the country also has one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. Strategically, South Korea is of great importance as it is surrounded by the world’s major players in the natural gas and LNG import/export industry. These neighbours include Taiwan, China, Russia and Japan, all of whom are deeply influenced by South Korea’s significance in Asia’s growing demand for gas. Last year, the country received orders for 40 LNG carriers; around 70% of the total global amount. This represents a huge amount of work, employing many thousands of people in the various processes.

Representatives of BS Stainless plan to attend the conference in Seoul. Before this year’s conference has started we are already looking and planning ahead to 2014 and hope to have made many advances by then. We are already actively supplying our products to the region but feel there is massive potential for even further development as South Korea takes on a more and more prominent role on the world stage.

For all the information on Gastech 2014, please visit their official site at www.­gastechkorea.­com

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