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27th September 2016

Slitting Stainless Steel Strip for Cons­truc­ti­on

The potential problems and how WE make sure YOU don't have to deal with them.
22nd September 2016

Yamal LNG – Work Begins In The Arctic

The worlds most modern LNG plant takes a step closer to completion.
Duplex screw
15th September 2016

Solving the issue of corroding stainless steel screws with Duplex

Corroding of stainless steel screws is becoming more of an issue to solve.
12th September 2016

Stainless Steel Strip — Safe and Precise

Safety is always number one priority
7th September 2016

Stainless Steel Wire & Cons­truc­ti­on

Stainless steel wire is integral to construction which uses the material in countless ways from screws and nails to springs, wall ties and tying applications.
5th September 2016

High-Rise Cons­truc­ti­on — Supported by Stainless Steel Plate

High rise buildings will become more and more prevalent
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