BSSA Research into Stainless Steel Opportunities

The ongoing economic crisis and concerns over the environment has meant that many businesses are looking for ways of cutting down their carbon emissions in order to minimise their carbon footprint.

BS Stainless, supplier of Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Banding, Stainless Steel Strip Coil are part of of the stainless steel manufacturing industry.They are therefore conscious of the worldwide stainless steel producers who express carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the production process of manufacturing stainless steel.

However, the British Stainless Steel Association has undertaken research in order to explore opportunities for stainless steel to be manufactured from renewable and low carbon energy technologies. Using information from government association combined with information from industry sources there will be an up to date, comprehensive review of the UK renewable energy market and development status of each technology a report has been made.

To view the report it costs £50.00, the study looked at factors such as the on and offshore wind, wave and tidal, bio energy and carbon capture and storage. The report explains all these technologies and has timescales placed on them as estimates for when we may see some of these in our manufacturing plans. The report also highlights the existing and potential uses for stainless steel

You can gain access to this report through the BSSA website. For more information then please contact us on 01772 337555 or email

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