Bandfix – Stainless Steel Universal Clamp

Bandfix Stainless Steel Universal Clamp
Stainless Steel Universal Clamp

Bandfix® Stainless Steel Universal clamp for securing signs used in conjunction with Bandfix® banding, Bandfix® buckles and Bandfix® banding tool provide an excellent fastening system that offers resistance to moderate corrosion.

The two piece design features a saddle that slides into the channel. The clamp accepts all bands up to 19mm (3/4") and as the band tightens the saddle clamps tightly against the channel holding the sign securely in place.

These universal clamps in stainless steel are ideal for a quick, easy and secure way to fasten signs especially for irregular post shapes.

Bandfix® is a registered trademark of BS Stainless Ltd.

Bandfix – Banding Tool

Tool for use with banding and buckles

Bandfix – Stainless Steel Buckles 201

Stainless Steel Buckles, Grade 201, Various Sizes, Boxes of 100

Bandfix® – Stainless Steel Sign Banding

Rolls of safe edge boxed banding