An Introduction to Multinox G-Grip Lock Bolts

BS Stainless is a proud UK-approved distributor of Multinox G-Grip Lock Bolts. In this edition of our blog, we'll showcase the revolutionary component and look at some of its many uses and benefits.

G-grip can replace


  • In the transportation industry, especially for railway carriages, agricultural vehicles, trucks, buses and other mass transit vehicles
  • For automotive applications including cars, vans, trailers and recreational vehicles
  • In the aerospace industry, not only for aeroplanes but for various pieces of airport equipment
  • For white goods, including for medical equipment as well as that used in food services
  • In the fabrication of alternative energy hardware like wind power turbines and solar energy equipment
  • In many assembly applications from warehouse shelving to automated factory equipment

Advantages and Benefits

  • Special Multi-Grip Design. The Multinox lock bolt system offers exceptional grip range and many different sizes, which allow it to replace up to 14 sizes of the traditional and widely-used six-groove locking fastener system. This delivers many advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, improved efficiency and a dramatically-reduced need for inventory of standard parts. 
  • Resistance to Corrosion. Available in grades 304 or 316 stainless steel, the G-Grip lock bolts offer superlative resistance to corrosion. Both pin and collar parts, developed and patented by leading brand Goebel, are made using this reliable and proven material.
  • Resistance to Vibration. The Multinox system has been tested to deliver superior vibration resistance across its spectrum of useful applications. During installation, the collar is first swaged onto the integral pin before grooves lock it firmly and securely in place. This locking feature ensures reliably consistent clamping forces, along with precise tensile and shearing values. 
  • Flush Breaking Pin. As a material well known for its ductility, stainless steel presented many challenges to developers at Goebel in terms of consistent flush breaking. The patented design of G-Grip lock bolts overcame this challenge and allowed the pin to break flush every single time. 
  • Efficient Installation. Great improvements in efficiency are achieved when using the Multinox system. A range of installation tools is available, all of which are rightly described as being 'user-intuitive'. Installing G-Grip bolts takes mere seconds. 

Multinox G-Grip bolts provide a much-improved replacement for traditional nuts and bolts and are far tougher and more robust than screw or rivet joints. Find out more about these innovative fasteners on the BS Stainless website and do not hesitate to contact our expert team for further advice and information. BS Stainless: your partner for stainless steel.

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