G-Grip Lock bolts Stainless Steel

G-Grip can replace
Lock bolt system available in 304 stainless steel G-Grip Multinox 

In applications where a wide grip range is needed and a consistent flush pin break to the collar is required  stainless steel lockbolt  Multinox is the solution. The G-Grip’s wide grip range and various sizes can replace up to 14 sizes of the classic 6-groove locking fastener system.
Similar to all our engineered fasteners, the G-Grip/ Multinox provides a top level of quality and vibration resistance. The G-Grip installs consistently with reliable and identical installed values. Multinox also Also branded as G-Grip in the USA.

The type of lock bolt is sometimes referred to as pintail this is due to the pin breaking off. The end result is an extremely fast and strong securement easy to install by one person with the battery powered tools.  With the huge efficiency's to install the savings are quickly achieved.

Tougher than screw or rivet joints they also have a key advantage with vibration issues easily solved. 

These are unique in stainless steel typically manufactured in grade 304 they can also be produced in 316 and even supplied with brightly polished heads to suit aesthetic applications. 


  • Multi-Grip Design
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  •  Vibration Resistance
  • Flush Breaking Pin
  • Efficient Installation Process
  • Reduced stock inventory Needed of Standard Parts

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