A Powerful Partnership

The consistent flow of energy is relied upon by everyone yet few people stop to think of the immense logistics involved with its supply. Across the globe, experts continually work to meet the massive demand for power, discovering new technologies, methods and solutions along the way.

Hydrocarbons is a broad term that covers a number of organic compounds formed only from hydrogen and carbon, such as crude oil, petroleum and natural gas. These compounds are the main source of global energy, used either for heating or in power plants to boil water which creates steam to drive turbines. Found deep underground, the process of exploring, tapping the source and then extracting it requires many tons of specialist equipment, a great deal of which is manufactured from stainless steel.

Helping to train a new generation of hydrocaron explorers is essential to the continued supply of this energy form. With this in mind, the University of Aberdeen established the exploHUB centre in 2010 with the intention of delivering high-quality training to future hydrocarbon explorers. The unique and innovative exploration training environment prepares budding geoscientists for the many challenges they will face while seeking the remaining hydrocarbon resources of the Earth.

The University of Aberdeen recently announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Senergy, the global energy services company. Quickly becoming one of the most admired and respected international energy brands, Senergy aims to sustainably and affordably supply and deliver energy resources globally. The partnership outlines an agreement to cooperate with further developing the exploHUB centre.

Stuart Archer, exploHUB's director, said, "ExploHUB is delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Senergy. Our organizations are strongly aligned as we both recognize the importance of training the next generation of hydrocarbon explorationists to continue to meet the world’s future energy demands."

BS Stainless are proud to play our part in the essential porcess of energy supply. We provide a wide variety of stainless steel products to the oil and gas industries around the world, including stainless steel wire, stainless steel sheet and stainless steel strip coil. Aluzinc is a particularly popular product due to its enhanced performative qualities.

We wish Senergy and exploHUB every success in their important partnership and look forward to the many developments it is sure to bring to the industry.

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