Unique Acoustic Barrier Solutions from BS Stainless

When we hear the word 'insulation', we automatically think of it in relation to temperature control. The fact is that acoustic insulation is just as important, particularly when it comes to the essential industries around oil and gas. Traditionally, the metal and Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) used to create acoustic insulation systems were applied separately, which presented a number of difficulties.

Both of these issues were solved at a stroke by BS Stainless with the design and development of SoundMet, a unique innovation that combines metal and MLV into a single, highly-efficient and cost-effective product.

MLV is a heavy material and this quality can cause it to slip out of place, particularly when used in tanks and vertical pipework. The resulting gaps allow sound to pass through, preventing the system from functioning correctly as an effective acoustic barrier. When the metal and vinyl are bonded together to create SoundMet, such movement cannot occur. SoundMet also delivers a 15% increase in bond strength to metal joints, at once improving acoustic capability while reducing costs.

Bitumen sheet is commonly used as an alternative for both sound reduction and to reduce vibration, as it is a versatile material and represents a lower initial cost investment. These apparent qualities are however completely offset by the fact that bitumen sheet is difficult and expensive to recycle and presents a number of safety hazards. The fact is that it is not possible to use bitumen sheet in this way while still ensuring compliance with Regis­tra­tion, Evaluation, Autho­risa­tion and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) guidelines.

To address these issues, BS Stainless developed VibroMet and VibroMat (used with and without metal respectively): both are similarly-priced to bitumen sheet yet offer enhanced performance and safety. VibroMet and VibroMat utilise PVC in their manufacture, which can be bonded to many different types of metal and can also be readily recycled.

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