Turn Puzzlement into Perfection with Our Unique Steel Slitting:

It's a well known fact that stainless steel is used in almost every area of our lives, from massive industrial infrastructure such as bridges and skyscrapers to the tiniest components in our phones, watches, cars and cookers. Whatever the application they're going to be used for, stainless steel components must first be fabricated from the huge industrial-sized pieces that they begin life as. They must also be created to precise tolerances whatever the size, whether a support beam in a building or a tiny cog in a watch. The process of cutting into narrow coils for further fabricating of components is known as stainless steel slitting and, as it involves such delicacy and requires much experience to achieve a professional result, is always a job for the experts...

And, that's us! That's no idle boast: we are consistently at the vanguard when it comes to everyone's favourite metal, as well as knowing a thing or two about lots of other related metals and topics too. Consistent dedication to learning all there is to know about our profession (though it's a constantly ongoing process as technology marches ever forward) has seen BS Stainless thrive at a time of great uncertainty for British Stainless Steel production and we have brought several brand-new, unique and innovative products to market both in the past and very recently.

All this means that, with stainless steel slitting as with all of our other services, you can be sure that you're getting the best advice, the best materials and the best manufacture for your money when you come to BS Stainless. We're sorely tempted to add that you'll get the best customer service from us too, but that would only make us sound smug so we will let you decide on that aspect!

The majority of people don't have ready access to a device capable of magnifying a small object by 30X or more. Those few of us that can lay their hands on such a device almost certainly aren't using it to look at the edges of razor blades. That's what companies who offer an inferior service to ourselves rely on, and it lets them get away with using slitting blades of questionable quality in their work. If this is done with malice aforethought in order to charge you the same price for an inferior service then it's nothing less than a criminal act but it's more likely that the company technicians haven't bothered with the old magnifying trick either and are simply using what is a more cost-effective product for them. In turn, you get a lower-priced final product and everyone's a winner. Except the stainless steel component itself.

Most of the problems with stainless steel slitting come down to the razor's edge: literally. Imprecise, blurred and sometimes even unsafe edges, visible knife marks, edge wave or camber and a cut that doesn't meet specification size; all of these are issues that can be traced back to a poorly-defined knife-edge. Sometimes, a bad edge is due to cheap, low-quality metal but can also be caused by incorrect machine settings, poor attention to cleaning/­maintenance or inexperience with using the delicate stripper ring.

We know all of these crucial factors extremely well because that's our job. For each common issue listed here (as well as many more), BS Stainless have a proven, reliable and safe solution and/or protocol. We know that our machinery and skilled operators are capable of slitting to a precise and professional-standard using a near-infinite array of bespoke specifications but we love a challenge so don't be afraid to ask the impossible!

Stainless steel slitting is a crucial part of any number of industries and should always be a job that is left to those who know and care about what they're doing. We know and we care. So get in touch today and let us help you create.

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