Trapezoidal steel sheets

Profile Metal Sheets
The sheets are roll formed into trapezoidal profiles

Sheets of metal including stainless steel, Aluzinc, aluminium can be supplied with a trapezoidal profile.

By roll forming the rectangular pattern this can add rigidity and strength to the sheet, be used to deflect winds or aesthetically enhance the cladding. Often descibed as box profile due to their shape. Used for a wide range of industry's from oil and gas tanks to building fronts for cladding. Grades of stainless steel 304 (1.4301) 316 (1.4401), Aluzinc AZ185 DX 51, aluminium 3103 H16  in plain or stucco. These are as an alternative to the standard round corrugation known as sinusoidal. We can supply as follows:

• Plain stainless steel sheet, polished or stucco embossed  0,40-0,80 mm

• Plain aluminium sheet  0,50-1,00 mm

• Stucco rolled aluminium sheet  0,50-1,00 mm

• Plain Aluzinc / Galvanized / T2 Aluminized steel sheet  0,40-1,00 mm

•  Paint coated Stainless Steel / Aluzinc / Galvanized steel  sheet 0,40-1,00 mm

Material can also be supplied with a factory applied bonded Surlyn moisture barrier (DryMet) this is fixed to the underside to prevent corrosion especialy for use in industrial insulation.


Standard Box profile 

Trapezoidal stainless steel sheets

Pattern 20 from 1250mm wide


Pattern 20 from 1000mm wide


Pattern 45 from 1250mm wide


Pattern 45 from 1000mm wide


Due to the processing demands these products are manufactured to order and minimum quantities are required, these may vary dependent on selection but typically no less than 250 m2. Generally its more economical to produce quantities of 500m2 upwards.

Our round corrugation can generally be produced in smaller quantities this can be found here.