TedMet®: The Future of Coated Metal

Founded more than two centuries ago, DuPont™ is one of the largest chemical companies on the planet and have developed a number of widely-used materials including Kevlar®, Lycra® and Neoprene®. One of the company's industry-leading coatings is Tedlar® which, in an innovative process designed and developed by BS Stainless, is used to create our TedMet® coated  Metal.

Tedlar® was created and trademarked by DuPont™ more than five decades ago and has been widely used across the spectrum of industry ever since. The material is made from PVF (PolyVinyl Fluoride) and is a specialised, laminated film layer that displays an array of pertinent qualities such as resistance to fire, solvents, chemicals, UV radiation, scratching and the absorption of water.

Offering performance levels far greater than standard PVDF and polyester paint systems, Tedlar® has a wide and diverse range of different uses from coating the overhead lockers of commercial aircraft to offering unmatched protection in architectural cladding applications.

BS Stainless has developed an innovative process that allows us to bond Tedlar® to the topside of a range of metals, including aluminium, galvanised steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. We are one of the few companies in the world and the only company in the UK with the ability and technology to carry out this process in-house on a dedicated coil-coating line.

Ideal for cladding over insulation and coated metal applications, TedMet® from BS Stainless is especially useful to the oil and gas industries. The fact that TedMet® can easily withstand strong chemicals like bleach with no effect on performance also makes it ideal for use in areas where hygiene is particularly important, such as healthcare facilities and laboratories. Any area that requires a strong, robust and durable metal surface can benefit from TedMet®.

Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to coat one or both sides of a metal with Tedlar®. Where just one side is coated, we provide a range of options for the reverse side of the metal including our SoundMet® acoustic jacketing or DryMet® moisture barrier. TedMet® can also be produced in a range of attractive colours.

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