Tedmet® in the Healthcare Environment

Tedmet® is an innovative product that, designed and engineered by BS Stainless comprises metal coated with Tedlar®. Tedlar® is a trademark registered by DuPont™ for polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), a laminated film layer that offers myriad qualities to a host of different applications.

To create Tedmet®, BS Stainless use sophisticated machinery to bond Tedlar® to metals including aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanised steel. One of the product's primary uses is for architectural cladding; the many qualities of Tedmet® make it perfect for use in healthcare environments.

One of the key qualities of Tedmet® that make it ideal for cladding in healthcare applications is its strong resistance to the growth of mould and bacteria. The Tedlar® surface, which is certified by Microstar Labs to meet ASTM G21 and JIS Z 2801. UL 2824 specifications, does not provide any nutrients that enable the growth of dangerous bacteria and mould.

Tedlar® also displays exceptional resistance to fire. The coating is completely non-flammable and has a low smoke toxicity: it is for these reasons, among others, that it is widely used in commercial aircraft production.

Healthcare environments obviously need to be kept extremely clean and hygienic; this often required the use of harsh chemicals and solvents such as bleach, acetone, alcohol and strong acids and alkalis. Tedlar® is strongly resistant to all of these chemicals, allowing it to be cleaned easily without affecting its performance. The material also strongly resists staining and scrubbing.

Tedlar® is an environmentally friendly material, carrying a Greenguard GOLD certificate. Designers and architects who choose to include Tedlar® and Tedlar® coated metal in their designs can earn LEED points when using the materials. During processing, Tedlar® produces especially low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

BS Stainless is the only company in the UK with the ability to bond Tedlar® to a range of different metals. The process is carried out entirely in-house, allowing us to monitor every step of production and ensure that rigorous standards are continuously maintained.

Check out the BS Stainless website to discover more details about Tedmet®.

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