TedMet Colour for Architectural Cladding Applications

The previous edition of our blog focused on TedMet, a revolutionary product developed and engineered by BS Stainless. TedMet comprises steel or aluminium, supplied in sheets or coils, that has been laminated with Tedlar®, an extraordinary polymer that was invented by DuPont™ over half a century ago. We also supply Tedmet in a range of colours.

Just like TedMet itself, TedMet Colour is designed to offer excellent resistance to weather, abrasion, fire and chemical attack. Along with these qualities, the aesthetic beauty of TedMet Colour makes it especially suitable for architectural cladding applications, sandwich panels and facade systems, where it preserves the appearance of a structure for many years.

Metal cladding on buildings is a system used widely around the world, from existing industrial buildings to state-of-the-art designs created by the world's leading architects. The ever-growing complexity of the demands made by these buildings and their cladding are perfectly met by TedMet Colour, delivering rigourous protection and longevity while allowing architects total freedom and flexibility when it comes to questions of aesthetic design and colour.

BS Stainless is the only company in Europe that can offer comprehensive, reliable in-house technology in the manufacture of Tedlar®-coated metal, including carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our metal jacketing is guaranteed to meet the most current ASTM standards for aluminum jacketing (ASTM C1729) and for stainless steel jacketing (ASTM C1767).

TedMet can be further bonded to acoustic and insulation materials and is available in several factory-applied options including:

  • DryMet. This comprises a poly film moisture barrier that helps to prevent any galvanic corrosion of the metal cladding. The result is a vapour barrier that is entirely free of pinholes.
  • SoundMet. An acoustic jacketing that provides ultra-effective sound insulation which complies rigidly with ISO 15665. SoundMet can also be produced in fire-resistant and/or anti-vibration formats, representing an excellent alternative to traditional bitumen.

Find out more details about TedMet Colour on the BS Stainless website.

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