Tedmet: A Revolution in Coating technology

Established well over two centuries ago as a gunpowder manufacturer, DuPont™ is now one of the world's biggest chemical companies. They are responsible for the development of many industry-leading materials, such as Neoprene, Kevlar and Lycra. One of the company's leading coatings, Tedlar®, is used by BS Stainless to create Tedmet insulation jacketing.

Tedlar®, trademarked by DuPont™ over 50 years ago, is a special laminated film layer made from polyvinyl fluoride (better known as PVF). The polymer has myriad qualities that include excellent resistance to UV, chemicals, solvents, fire, water absorption and general wear-and-tear. Perfect for many commercial and industrial applications, Tedlar® far outperforms traditional paint systems like polyester or PVDF and is often used inside aeroplanes to provide a strong, durable and fire-resistant coating for overhead lockers.

Developed by BS Stainless, Tedmet is metal that has been factory-applied with Tedlar® to its topside. BS Stainless is the only company in Europe that can boast the in-house technology to manufacture Tedlar®-coated metal, whether it be stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel or even aluminium.

Tedmet was originally designed with the oil and gas industries in mind. In these industries, the product is perfect for metal jacketing or cladding over insulation. As the material can be cleaned using harsh chemicals like bleach without affecting its performance, Tedmet also has the potential to be used in laboratories and healthcare establishments, where hygiene is of crucial importance. Other uses are for walls such as on cruise liners or any area that needs the strength and fire resistance of metal with a surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also the ability to withstand a regular deep cleaning routine with no loss in performance.

BS Stainless has the technology to coat both sides of a metal with Tedlar®, or to coat the reverse side with a moisture barrier, acoustic barrier or mass loaded vinyl. We can provide Tedmet in a range of colours, so look out for an upcoming blog article focusing on coloured Tedmet.

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