Supply, Demand and Price: Striking the Balance

Metal jaketing

One crucial factor in any business development is budget, meaning that a sharp eye is always kept on prices. These prices are however, subject to constant changes influenced by a variety of other factors. On the face of it, increasing prices are not generally good news but they do have beneficial effects on the economy and development of new industries, many of which are also benefiting from our new metal jacketing technology.

Oil prices have increased on the world stage, meaning that new projects and expansion loom large in the quest for ever greater efficiency. As has been shown time and time again, better insulation in the form of moisture barriers and sound barriers leads to a big decrease in costs and increase in efficiency; this means that our state of the art metal jacketing machinery has become in ever greater demand.

Demand for our metal jacketing services has, in fact, gone from strength to strength since our brand new production line, the only one of its type in the world, went online last year. Capable of laminating vinyl, surlyn and tedlar, the machinery can also bond two materials to the substrate simultaneously. As we work with the machinery to cater to the increased demand, particularly for aluminium jacketing, we gain more experience and are able to develop further.

The price of stainless steel is also increasing as demand is very strong; chromium and nickel, the raw materials, have consequently gone up in price. In order to support our customers, we have some of the largest stock levels of plate, sheet, wire and strip and always keep prices stable.

Our machinery is, like our company itself, extremely capable of meeting demand and responding to the ever changing needs of industry. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can always achieve the professional results they demand by providing materials of the very best quality, that remain in the realistic reach of your budget.

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