Stainless Steel Wire: Our Comprehensive Collection

BS Stainless is the UK's largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire in a wide variety of formats to suit an infinite array of different applications. We aim to work with manufacturers who strive for excellence in their innovation and, with the largest stock in the UK, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what you need in the shortest lead times. Due to its corrosion , fire resistant and not to mention its ease of working properties its offers the perfect solution for many industries.

Stainless Steel Wire

Our comprehensive collection of stainless steel wire includes:

Cold Heading Wire

We analyse our cold heading wire in house, giving us complete control over quality. Seamlessly combining ductility and formability with robust strength, cold heading wire has literally thousands of applications across the spectrum of industry. The wire boasts a blend of qualities that makes it ideal for creating fixings and fasteners such as screws, pins, rivets, tie rods, bolts and studs: these qualities include high formability, good surface finishes, low levels of magnetism and excellent resistance to damaging corrosion.

Cold heading wire from BS Stainless is of consistently-high quality, resulting in extended die life and increased machinability. We can supply the wire with a range of coatings including soap, copper metallic and a number of others to customer specification. Several different grades are also available: the most common is 302HQ, a specialised grade which incorporates 3% copper to reduce cold work hardening rates. 302HQ stainless steel is the industry standard for crafting light machine screws and self-tapping screws.

Forming Wire

Stainless steel is an ideal metal to be formed and shaped due to its superlative ductility, which allows its shape to be changed without breaking due to kinetic stress. We are able to precisely

control both the material and mechanical qualities of our stainless steel wire, allowing us to produce premium the optimal wire for any given application with reliably consistent quality.

Forming wire has many different construction applications from the manufacture of wall ties to stainless steel mesh. Its superior qualities have also seen it used for an array of artistic projects: award winning artists Robin Wight and Candice Bees have both used our stainless steel wire to create stunning sculptures.

Our stainless steel wire can be supplied exactly to customer specification, cut to length in house, profiled, shaped and in coil form. All of our work is carried out in strict accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 management system.

Please browse the BS Stainless website to discover our complete collection of stainless steel wire options and do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.

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