Stainless Steel Wire: Growing Demand from Europe

Each year, delegates from BS Stainless travel to Dusseldorf in Germany to attend the Wire Conference & Exhibition. This year will be no exception though the event is in many ways more relevant for us than ever before: since our appearances at Wire 2018/2019 and our establishment of new premises close to Dusseldorf, our European customer base has experienced significant growth and demand for our products in Europe continues to increase.

BS Stainless produce and supply a comprehensive and professional range of stainless steel wire. Here are three of the most popular types...

Spring Wire

From the minuscule to the gigantic, springs are a crucial component in thousands of applications. BS Stainless supply a wide selection of stainless steel spring wire, all of which are cold-drawn to the most accurate precision tolerances and meet or exceed all EN10270-3 specifications. Fatigue-resistant and with excellent elasticity and tensile strength, spring wire from BS Stainless displays superlative helix and cast characteristics and can be supplied with or without coatings as required.

Forming Wire

Yet another item in our product portfolio that can be tailored exactly to meet the unique requirements of the customer, stainless steel forming wire is immediately available from stock at BS Stainless. Extremely tough and robust yet equally pliable, our forming wire can be supplied with any of several finishes as required, including dull, bright and EPQ. As with our spring wire, a number of coatings are available, as well as many profile shape and strand options.

Cold Heading Wire

Combining strength with ductility, cold heading wire is ideal for the manufacture of countless components, including rivets, studs, tie rods, nails, bolts and screws. The material displays remarkable resistance to corrosion and benefits from a low level of magnetism. Whether coated with copper, soap or metallics, our cold heading wire will deliver reliable consistency from the first metre to the last.

BS Stainless supply many other types of wire, including shaped/profiled wire, tying wire, ultra-fine wire, TIG/MIG welding wire and mesh wire: more information on all of these can be found on our website.

Wire 2020 gives us a chance to meet our customers, many of them for the first time, to showcase and discuss the development of our distribution of materials near to Dusseldorf. Subscribe to our newsletter for more details coming soon.

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